What does it take to achieve flawless skin?

Skin care seems to be something most of us tend to take for granted until it’s too late, we rarely do prevention, we do correction (as is with most our healthcare.) American skincare seems to begin and end at 3-steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize; but as we gain new information, revisit centuries old beauty rituals from other cultures and technology keeps evolving, we are getting better equipped to maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

This blog aims to help guide you by sifting through products from Asia, Europe and the U.S., and letting you know what’s really worthwhile and what works!

Taking care of your skin and general health is a longterm and time consuming commitment; on your list of priorities it might rank really high or you might be so busy with work and family that you end up putting yourself last. However developing a personalized skincare routine and starting to pay more attention to your skincare needs and the ebbs and flows of it as the seasons wax and wane is absolutely worth it.

Youth and beauty wield power across all cultures and women are indoctrinated to see their value in how young and fit they look, so it’s no wonder we internally panic a bit when the signs of aging come a knockin’. 

At 32 I started to notice a few lines popping up by my eyes, odd little dark spots (age spots?), these were minor but they still freaked me out a bit. These dark spots run in my family, both my mother and grandmother have them. Nevertheless, this sent me down a frantic Google search spiral for, “How to get rid of dark spots?” One of the answers was Vitamin C, and so my skincare journey began in earnest; product use with strategy and purpose. 


My skin type is combination, oily t-zone and dry elsewhere. My primary skin concerns are:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dark spots
  • Hormonal acne
  • Anti-aging 


Over the course of the past year I’ve embarked on a journey following the Korean 10-step system and have seen some incredible and visible changes in terms of evenness, texture, clarity, as well as an incredible reduction in breakouts, and on this blog I will outline how to get beautiful skin following the steps.

Not going to lie, the morning and night routines are time consuming but they’re worth it. Once you commit to taking off your makeup every evening and start seeing results, you’ll be hard pressed to want to interrupt your progress by skipping the routine. Plus it’s nice to take time out of your day to focus on yourself and pamper yourself.

Natural makeup look

For me currently, the goal is to achieve more even skin-tone, reduce breakouts, pursue anti-aging solutions and have more makeup free days. 

On this blog I will catalog the products that I’ve used and the results that I’ve gotten. Keep on reading for product recommendations, shopping guides and reviews!

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