Sheet Masks 101

Sheet masks are your excuse to give yourself 20 minutes of pampering. Designed to deliver different solutions based on your skin’s need at any given time, these masks are essentially a way to supercharge your skin with moisture. A lot of common skincare issues and anti-aging solutions depend on your skin having the appropriate level of moisture, so whether you use these once a month or a couple of times a week, they’re a fun and highly effective.


Sheet masks are thin sheets made from different materials including the very freaky but cool looking hydrogel, bio-cellulose, silk, seaweed(!!), coconut gel, standard cotton microfiber, rayon, and the list goes on as the tech evolves.

They’re infused with a serum containing ingredients ranging from vitamins, extracts, fermented ingredients and essential oils. Their primary purpose is to deliver maximum hydration to your skin. Depending on the ingredients they can deliver brightness, plump up fine lines, draw out impurities, and even provide anti-aging benefits with repeated use.


How to use:

  1. Cleanse face, apply your toner of choice
  2. Apply mask to face for stated amount of time on package
  3. Relax
  4. Remove mask. Pat and rub in remaining serum onto face. If there is still some serum left in the package keep it and apply it the following night as you would a regular serum, or apply it to your neck, chest and arms! No wasting here.



Last year I was hosting show on camera so skincare became even more essential; in my quest to prepare my face for a shoot I decided to try one of the sheet masks that I’d seen at Sephora. I picked up Karuna’s Brightening mask, but since I wasn’t very unfamiliar with the concept of sheet masking, my first time using it didn’t go so well.

Part of the experience is dealing with the serum that each mask comes packed in; depending on the brand the consistency of the solution can vary and it is imperative to pat it into your face after the 10-20 min masking portion is up. Since I didn’t do enough of a good job rubbing and patting in the remaining serum onto my face, I ended up with a very sticky situation.


Sheet masking is definitely a time commitment (try one of these on while watching Netflix) so I usually reserve Sunday nights for masking in preparation for the week ahead. If I’m preparing for a photo shoot or special event, I might mask two or three times during the week to prepare the skin for maximum radiance.

What results can you expect?

It honestly makes a huge visible difference in terms of the look, feel and texture of your skin, size of pores, and added radiance. 

If there’s one way to introduce yourself into the craze of Korean skincare these masks are a great affordable and fun way to do it! Plus the immediacy of results will make you a believer.

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