The best mists to try

Properly moisturized skin makes a world of a difference when it comes to both acne and anti-aging. If skin is too dry then wrinkles will thrive and our skin might rebel and over-produce oil which then leads to breakouts. The moisturizing portion of our skincare routine is where we reset the skin, balance our ph, and add vitamins and minerals.


As discussed, the use of essence helps prepare the skin to absorb all the subsequent layers of moisture, and thin layers of moisture work better overall. Outside of essence and the standard day and night creams, mists are a great product to include in your skincare and makeup routine.


Mists made out of super hydrating ingredients including rosewater, aloe and thermal spring water. They’re great to use right after or instead of your toner, before your essence, or throughout the day to freshen up and rehydrate. They can also help set your makeup!


After misting your face it is important to pat in the droplets since water that just sits on top of your skin without being patted in will end up having the opposite effect and take away moisture from your skin. Mists should be followed up by a moisturizer to lock in the benefits unless the mist includes an oil or you’re using it to set your makeup.

A few brands that I’m loving at the moment are:

Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin


The benefits of rosewater includes maintaining the skin’s ph balance. It’s anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce redness, acne, eczema and heal wounds; it’s astringent properties helps tone skin, while its antioxidant properties help strengthen skin, and it’s anti-aging!


It’s important to look at the ingredient list of any rosewater product and make sure it’s made of 100% pure rosewater or Rosa Damascena flower oil and devoid of chemicals and preservatives.
This particular brand of rosewater is super affordable and easy to find. If you look on the back of pretty much any moisturizer you’ll see either glycerin or Shea butter being the primary source of moisture. In fact most ingredient lists go: Water, Glycerin… And then whatever extracts, oils, emulsifiers and preservatives that the brand decided to add. You can cut out all that and get a pure product with this mist, although I wouldn’t recommend using this just its own—remember the key is light layers of moisture on top of one another.
My primary use of this mist is post-shave to soothe and calm skin, and to immediately rehydrate skin which is why I like that it has glycerin. This classic mist is a must have!

Alteya Organics Rosa Damascena

Harvested from a family rose farm in Bulgarian rose valley, this 100% pure Bulgarian rosewater, is made of fresh organic Rosa Damascena blossoms—one of the most valuable and fragrant oil—bearing roses. It is special grade distilled rose flower water that preserves the synergy of the rose plant. It is softening and moisturizing, rejuvenating and energizing. Great to use post shower, to refresh after being in the sun and when traveling.


I found this brand at Whole Foods and am currently on my second bottle! It smells like fresh cut roses, and has more of a herbaceous and garden scent as opposed to sweet and floral one, you can tell fresh flowers were used in making it.


When looking up up the benefits of rose water I saw that using it as a makeup setting spray was one of its uses, so once my MAC Fix+ and Smashbox Primer Water ran out, I started testing this as a makeup setting spray. This has worked out for me when I’ve used it over foundations in powder and cream form. I also like to mist my face with it before applying foundation and spraying it onto my foundation brush before blending in my makeup.

Wilde Gatherings Sweet Blend #8 Aromamist


This features rosewater mixed with sandalwood, vanilla, bergamot and pumpkin seed oil; the aromatherapeutic aspect of this mist is amazing and so relaxing, it’s perfect to spritz on before bed. The ingredients also have anti-aging benefits so I’ve been enjoying integrating this into my nighttime routine. I’ve seen really nice results from layering it with the Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin mist.

Vichy Thermalizing Mineral Water

I’m just delving into this category of mists, they are a staple among French pharmacy brands like Vichy, Avène, La Roche-Posay and not to mention Evian. Price points top off at around $14, and you might be saying, “But it’s just water!” However in some skincare circles water quality and performing a skincare routine without using tap water at all is a thing. One of the reasons some people with very sensitive skin might see redness often is that the water quality that they’re exposed to is too harsh, so that’s where something like this category of mists come into play. Hard water can be super drying on the skin, so a mist made of water sourced from a thermal spring and which has absorbed minerals can work to combat that drying effect post-shower or face washing. 
In addition, with mineral water mists you’re imparting the benefits of those minerals onto your skin, replenishing your skin and helping it achieve a beautiful glow. Look for a mineral called Selenium, which is essential for the synthesis of collagen, it also helps strengthen skin’s natural defenses, combat wrinkles, protects against free radical damage and helps fight UV rays. La Roche-Posay’s Thermal Spring Water features Selenium as one of the main ingredients and you can pick it up at Target, Walgreens or Ulta.


This particular mist by Vichy is sourced from the heart of the French volcanic region and is rich in antioxidants and 15 active minerals (including silica, sodium, boron, iron, fluorine, sulphur, calcium, magnesium and potassium) that help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier for healthier looking skin. This product is recommended for all skin types, and skin concerns such as dark spots, shine, acne, oiliness, dryness, dullness and aging. 
I just bought a bottle of this so I will follow up with a review on its performance.

Have you tried rosewater or mineral mists? What’s been your experience?

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